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Empowering Tradies, Simplifying Tasks

Welcome to the EasyFixed app, where flexibility meets functionality in the palm of your hand. Designed with tradies like you in mind, our app transforms the way you manage your workday, select jobs, and complete tasks.

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Build For Tradies

From setting your own schedule to bidding on preferred jobs, EasyFixed puts you in control.

Robust Job Feed

Explore a wide range of job postings updated in real-time. More jobs mean more choices, allowing you to maximize your workday.

Task Management

Keep all job-related details organized. Track your progress, update job statuses, and manage multiple tasks effortlessly.

Bidding and Selection

Bid on the jobs you want. Our flexible selection process lets you pursue tasks that best fit your schedule and skills.

Job Completion

Submit job completion forms, upload evidence, and manage invoices directly through the app, reducing paperwork and saving time.

Why Join?

Whether you’re looking to fill your schedule or find lucrative projects, EasyFixed serves as your gateway to more work and better earnings.

  • Endless Job Opportunities
  • Streamlined Job Management
  • Add your availability
  • Pay only per lead
  • Save your marketing cost
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Join Us Today

Become part of a community of tradies who are already leveraging the EasyFixed app to expand their job opportunities and enhance their workflows. With EasyFixed, you’re not just finding jobs; you’re building a more robust, more flexible career.

Download the EasyFixed app now and step into a world where more jobs and greater freedom are just a tap away.

With EasyFixed, it’s not just about getting by. It’s about getting ahead. More jobs, more control, all in your hands.

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